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Born in Denver Colorado, and raised between homes in both Colorado and South Central Nebraska, Roothle$$ developed a passion and love for writing and recording rap music through his stepfather at a young age, not long after his biological father passed away, one of many crucial stepping stones that allows him to truly put his heart into his music. His stepfather, referred to by him personally as his "Pops", gave him a pleasant and lengthy exposure to the genre, which prior to then was entirely foreign territory as opposed to the classic rock that he grew up listening to. Developing from an interest of vivid storytelling and creative writing, Roothle$$ began to dabble in writing open-ended rhyme schemes in his spare time with like-minded friends in his early teens; a past-time of sorts that blossomed through the years, progressing through the stages of learning how to record himself, garnering the proper equipment to do so, mixing, mastering, producing graphic art, and eventually even doing videography, as he entered early adulthood and started to take the music 'scene' more seriously. Roothle$$ aimed to be as multi-faceted as possible, however at his most active, he ended up hitting some very unfortunate speed bumps in his personal family life here in 2018 when he lost both his paternal grandmother, who he was very close to, and his "Pops", who was his best friend, and just so happened to be the man who introduced him to the genre itself, and cheered along happily as he watched his son develop it into a passion. In the meantime, Roothle$$ has tried to regain his footing within music, releasing one song this year, titled "Blurry Vision". In this song he gives a glimpse into his difficult past year and how he intends to recover from it. And in his own words, "2019 will be a bounce-back year for me and my own personal music. I owe it to myself, and I owe it to Pops. If there is one thing he taught me specifically about this music, it is that it is truly therapeutic." Though performing only a handful of shows, he has opened for Krizz Kaliko, and will come back soon, repping GewdLife with a vengeance and a chip on his shoulder!