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Lets talk Budget!

The number 1 problem most artists have is BUDGET! It seems to (mostly) be a problem for artists that have a budget, they just don't know where to allocate that budget properly, or how much they should invest.. Hopefully this helps!

Before we dive deep, let's clear something up...you don't need hundreds of dollars a month to grow! If you aren't currently putting anything into your promotional budget, starting with $20-30 a month is a good way to start low and grow. Obviously if your goals are to go viral right away, your budget could be $5k-10k per month easily, it all depends on what you want to get out of marketing and your (you guessed it) Budget. Your main goals should always start with consistency and leverage.

For example, if you have a budget of $20, you should focus on daily (consistent) growth. A good number of my clients have started with the "dollar a day" method. This is the process of promoting/boosting your page or post on Facebook for a dollar a day. It won't bring your page 100 new followers or listeners every month, but it will keep you on your listeners radar, and when you are ready to sell something, you can

LEVERAGE those new followers.

Facebook ads can also be a gold mine, if you know how to use them. I've personally spent hundreds only to find nobody even clicked on the link. I've also spent $10 and had hundreds of people buy. It comes down to a healthy mixture of attractive content, a great post, and a budget. This can take time and practice, so unless you've got a budget to play with, I would recommend contacting me (or anyone else who knows what they are doing) to save you some money on trial and error.

Another avenue for a budget can be playlisting. I've worked with almost 1000 different playlists, and had very good luck. Spotify recently changed its policy as well as removed a lot of the platform's music due to bots being involved (though none of mine or any of my clients music was ever affected). With that being said, as long as you know who to trust, I still believe playlisting is a good way to boost numbers, however there is little leverage in Spotify. Since you can't track/re-target these listeners, there's no way to continue a relationship, therefore I wouldn't recommend using playlists as a sole marketing budget, but rather as a part of your overall marketing plan and budget.

A few other ways I've seen marketers and musicians push their music are "Pay for play" tactics, as I like to call them. Social media management (or buying a social media page), blogs, and influencer marketing can be used in a way that will grow your page/project through paying for someone to (in a way) do the work for you. These can be very effective but usually have a high price tag, so again, not something I would put my whole marketing budget into.

The last thing I want to touch on is a personal website. In my opinion, every person should have their own website. Not only is it completely customizable and more professional, it's also yours. If Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or any other platforms were gone tomorrow, how would you continue to grow? How would you reach past clients and listeners? The best place to start is a website, even if it's not blahblahblah(.com), a single place to send your listeners to every time you release something is leverage! After you've got a website, tools like Facebook pixel, and more can be used along with ads, playlisting, (etc.) to make sure you get every dollar to work for you and to, in turn, put more dollars in your pocket to reinvest into your marketing.

If you have any further questions, join me live every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 4 at www.GewdLife.com/ggtv or for personal questions, email me at gewdlifeent@gmail.com to set up a free 15-minute consultation.

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