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11/5 Chisongwriter - Fire Fridays Blog

One day on GGTV, I got a song from a guy named Chisongwriter called "Motley Crue" and I was really into it! It had a grimy, dirty vibe and the vocals were loud and distorted, but it went together too perfectly. I ended up adding it to all my playlists and that was it. Recently, I went back to look at his profile and noticed some new music, so I clicked on a song called "BABY"...and HOLY SHIT.

First of all, the song starts with a major chill vibe, something you'd want to smoke to. As soon as he starts getting into the main part of the hook, i was hooked. The verses were good, bars were there, but my favorite part of the song is how the singer rides the beat, and the lyrics in the hook. Overall, being the fan of r&b music that I am, this is a top 50 in my opinion on songs I found this year.

If you want to read more about Chisongwriter or listen to more music, make sure to visit chisongwriter.com

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