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10/1 VenomStayDrippin #Fire🔥🔥Friday

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

To start, Thank You for checking out the new blog! This will be a fun way for me to showcase artists I listen to, but also to show the Gewd Life and Gewd Gang family some new artists to follow!

Song: Drowning

Artist: VenmonStayDrippin

@venomstaydrippin (insta)

Okay this one is crazy..

I've recently DJ'd shows for King Iso, Taebo Tha Truth, and others and I always heard the name 'VenomStayDrippin'. I looked her up and started following, not even hearing the music yet. She is always super positive and responsive to people who comment about her music. In looking I realized she has her hands in alot of different things. A business venture outside of music, a Cooking Show, All added to her music career. Then I Hear the Song 'Drowning'.....

This song is fucking amazing! It hits home for me, and I would assume alot of other people. Her voice on the hook is deep and full of feelings, and the lyrics and message is so good! I went on to listen to her other songs and they are all great, but I have to say Drowning is my favorite. I have added this song to the GL Ear to the Heat Playlist, so you can hear it HERE. I can't wait for the next release VenomStayDrippin! This is a name to watch for.

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