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10/1 'Dkeela' #Fire🔥🔥Friday

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

To start, Thank You for checking out the new blog! This will be a fun way for me to showcase artists I listen to, but also to show the Gewd Life and Gewd Gang family some new artists to follow!

Song: RollingStar

Artist: Dkeela

(@dkeela on instagram)

It's only right that I start with this song and artist! For weeks I have been starting Gewd Gang TV with the same song, not only because I love it, but also because I have been playing at alot of parties and shows, so its always my last played song!

I found this song by accident, I posted on reddit for artists to send new music for reviews and this artist sent me an epk that blew me away! The song itself is catchy, the beat is addictive, and the overall vibe just makes the listener feel exactly what hes talking about. I hope to hear more from this artist very soon! Until then, I have added the song to the GL Ear to the Heat playlist on spotify, you can hear that HERE.

According to his Spotify page, He is based out of Houston, TX. Another track I really like is his single 'Hennything'. Keep up the great work Dkeela!

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