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Bronx-born Theresa Lopez, aka Dollface, began singing and writing poems as a child. At first, she was private about her passion for music, not even sharing her talents with her family, until a day when she decided to confide in a trusted family member. "My cousin told me that I had potential and encouraged me to share my gift with others. So I had a few family and friends take turns listening to a sample of my recordings and their reactions and feedback helped me realize that my dream could be a reality. It was at that moment I knew I wanted to really pursue music." - Dollface.

Ella Fitzgerald, and later Alicia Keys, were major musical influences for Dollface. "I even used to wear hoop earrings with tiny keys on them to represent Alicia Keys. I’ve always felt very inspired by Jazz and R&B because I could feel the soul behind the artistry. I’ve been so grateful on this path, watching my dreams unravel as each song comes to life. I feel like a garden and I want to keep creating and expressing myself through my music. Music fulfills me. It has become my safe haven and it’s exactly where I want to be." - Dollface

Dollface's EP "Disconnected" is now available on all major outlets!